About Sanmish Energies

The name ‘Sanmish,’ is derived from ‘Lord Shiva,’ which signifies Transition with Purity. Sanmish Energies is an association of Energy Sector Enthusiasts who are deeply motivated to play an active role in ‘Energy Transition’ and assist industries in becoming ‘Greener’ by implementing clean and sustainable solutions.

What does “Sanmish” literally mean?

In Hindi, a language derived from Sanskrit ( an ancient Indo-European language) ‘san’ means together and ‘mish’ is derived from mishr, which means to mix well or blend, we intend to create a potent blend of talent, technology, and toplines ( for the companies we serve)

Who We Are

Purely speaking, Sanmish has been working to enable unmatched productivity and efficiency in the oil and gas industry – on a global scale – as part of its mission to achieve ‘maximum productivity, every day’


CNG CYLINDER Customized solutions

Consider different requirements, we mainly prompt two machine configuration 100cylinders/8hrs & 300cylinder/8hrs.

CNG/CBG/LPG DISPENSER Customized solutions

Car/Combo/Bus dispensers – Single/ Dual arm Minimum 15 Kg/min (Car) & 75 Kg/Min (Bus) PESO and W&M Approval under process.

CNG/CBG CASCADE Customized solutions

Type 1/3/4 (600 – 8800 WL) – Single/Three Bank Cascades PESO & BIS approved Cylinders – IS 7285 (Part 2) 2017.

MOBILE REFULING Customized solutions

MRU can supply CNG with ease to areas unconnected with pipeline, rural areas as well as dense urban areas wherein land .

HYDROGEN DISPENSER Customized solutions

Configuration: High profile cabinet with single delivery hose, side mounted nozzle Filling Pressure: 350bar Maximum Working Pressure: 447bar.

LNG DISPENSER Customized solutions

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) dispenser is kind of ultra-low temperature metering equipment that dispenses liquefied natural gas.

Management Team:

Our team of industry professionals. provides customized solutions in a wide range of sectors

As Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer, Ankit Kohli has extensive industry experience. 13+ years of project management and implementation. City Gas Pipeline Projects business operations The operation, Maintenance, and Business Development require engineering and planning. Former Indraprastha Gas Limited employee (IGL). 

Ankit pioneered many PNG industry firsts by applying technology to business issues. CGD Emergency meter and PRV repair, testing, and implementation first. He has laid over 1,000 kilometres and 100,000 PNG connections for MDPE.

He has managed 150+ CNG station development. The first commercial HCNG pilot relied on him. IGL and IOCL completed the project per the Supreme Court of India’s orders. He built the first IGL LNG station. PESO approved his project and  India’s first CNG Mobile Composite Dispensing Unit, commenced for June 2021 operations. 

Ms Swati Kohli, MBA in Oil & Gas Management from UPES. Dehradun, has over 12 years of valuable experience. In implementing and managing customer-focused business solutions. In the City Gas industry, in the marketing of CNG and PNG. Management of the forecourt, fuel retailing, station operations, and resolution of customer complaints. Gas procurement and market expansion. She is a former employee of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL). The nation’s largest CNG distribution company.


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