The Mass Flow meter is a device that measures the mass of a fluid travelling through a with the Coriolis Principle – these mass flow meters are available in several variations to directly measure fluid mass flow, which has a significant impact on processing and measuring requirements in several domains and industries.

  • These are highly accurate – 0.1% to0.5%
  • A diverse array of applications: Mass flow meter canals to measure non-Newtonian fluids, as well as various types of slurry and suspensions.
  • Simple to Install: There is no particular requirement for selecting upstream or downstream pipelines
  • Superior degree of dependability
  • T

Additional Features

  • Low-Maintenance, as there are no moving parts.
  • Multiple parameters, such as mass flow, temperature, and density, are displayed
  • Not affected by the fluid, reducing the cost of design and installation.
  • One sensor can function for multiple fluid classes

Application Domains

These industries are ideally suited for using mass-flow meters

Other Green Energy Sectors: *Alternative Energy * Oil & Gas * Chemical * Food & Beverage *Industrial Energy * Marine *Power *Pulp & Paper * Refining