Today, Biogas is a fuel which can not only reduce dependence on liquid fossil fuels thus reducing forex outgo on Crude imports, but it can also create a huge employment opportunity for rural youth, thus bringing in economic prosperity for them. Biogas plants are an excellent source of processing and disposing animal waste, industrial waste and agricultural waste and therefore should form an integral part of any society’s cleanliness program.

We own and operate Biogas-based Power/Bio-CNG plants which are using all kinds of Bio-waste (Industrial/non-industrial/animal sources) for processing and converting to Biogas before the end use. One of such plants is in Patiala district of Punjab. 

We have Agreements with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) under which we can sell Bio-CNG to their outlets anywhere in India and we can also utilise their rural retail outlets for selling/promoting our Organic Fertilizer.