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About Sanmish Energies

The name ‘Sanmish,’ is derived from ‘Lord Shiva,’ which signifies Transition with Purity. Sanmish Energies is an association of Energy Sector Enthusiasts who are deeply motivated to play an active role in ‘Energy Transition’ and assist industries in becoming ‘Greener’ by implementing clean and sustainable solutions.

What does “Sanmish” literally mean?

In Hindi, a language derived from Sanskrit ‘san’ means together and ‘mish’ is derived from mishr, which means to mix well or blend, we intend to create a potent blend of talent, technology, and toplines ( for the companies we serve)

Who We Are

Purely speaking, Sanmish has been working to enable unmatched productivity and efficiency in the oil and gas industry – on a global scale – as part of its mission to achieve ‘maximum productivity, every day’

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What do we do 

Since 2022, we have, through our vast network of technical associates, redefined the role and design of measuring tools and have through our project intervention brought world-class technology to the Green energy market  for several  institutional clients.

Individual and Core Values

At our core, we are a values-driven organisation that is courageous, passionate, and united in all that we do – supported by a culture infused with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s Build a Bright Future Together

 Sanmish is one of the leading economic growth and impact drivers for several companies working in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as a leading reseller and distributor of precision measuring and related equipment. Thereby it is emerging as a catalyst for the region’s economy – whether it’s in terms of the Food and Beverage sector, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Industrial Energy, Marine, Power, Pulp & Paper, Refining and more.

15 Years of Excellence with Quality at the Core

Sanmish Energies is your one-stop shop for all your Green Energy requirements. Whether it is Piped Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas. Biogas, LPG & Solar Energy requirements. With comprehensive product and service offerings. We undertake to design, engineer, and implement bespoke solutions. according to the client's specifications. With maximum satisfaction and services that delight the end customer, we aim to achieve the highest level of client delight. By providing unwavering customer service, our focus continues to be our three guiding principles: dependability, customer service, and original equipment

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