Gas Generator Sale/Rental

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to work with you from design and equipment selection through to project installation and operation. 
We offer Gas Based Generators on Rental from 15KW to Multi Megawatt solution.

Construction Power

Innovative and engineering solutions for power and utility services by optimizing uptime and cost.
We offer ultimate sale/rental power solutions for various sectors. Especially in the construction sector that faces many industry challenges such as labour idle time, unreliable temp power, reuse of assets, unmanageable power cost and breakdown coordination issues, we offer cost effective, reliable solutions. Our exceptional quality power generators and transformers ensure uninterrupted power supply for your construction projects. We offer a range of small and mid sized generator sets on rent for smaller constructions and set up a temporary power plant for large scale constructions. Our well trained, dedicated team of experts are adept at offering top quality installation and maintenance service. Our power backup solutions are designed to offer maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Emergency Power

We are one of the leading providers of emergency power backup solutions. Our reliable solutions are tailored to offer our customers the ability to safeguard against emergency power outage or shortage. We offer the most reliable sale/rental power backup solutions like generators, transformers and temporary power plants depending on your specific needs. By reaching out for our emergency power solutions, you can safeguard your operations and reduce temporary power loss risk. Major power shortfall or outage happen once in a while and this inevitable event has a great negative impact on industrial and corporate operations. By choosing our tailored power backup solutions, customers can reduce the risk of temporary power loss.


 Manufacturing is an industry that relies totally on continuous power supply. We offer, tailored sale/rental power backup solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our range of exceptional quality generators and transformers offer uninterrupted power supply to ensure that your production does not cease during any power crisis situations. We have been supplying continuous power for industries such as process plants and glass industry where heat is a major energy requirement. Companies can reach out for our sale/rental generators and transformers to eliminate challenges related to unreliable power supply. Our professionally qualified technicians are adept at installing the multi megawatt power system with grid panelling and offering excellent maintenance service. 


Based on Sale/Rental Gas Generator, we offer combined heat and power solutions (CHP) complete with HRSG, and cooling schemes through vapour absorption machines. This concept is also known as Tri-generation or Co-generation.

Gas generators on hire from SEPL provide cost efficient power generation, exceptional performance & reliability, flexibility, reduced environmental impact, plus servicing and maintenance is managed by our team as part of the sale/rental package.

Why SEPL for Gas Generator Sale/Rental

Extensive technical expertise & knowledge in electrical solution.

Can provide value added services like:
Energy Cost Optimisation.
Conducting Energy Audits.
One stop shop for maintenance.
SEPL believes in quick and prompt service.
SEPL endeavours to save breakdown losses of any company.
SEPL handles entire routine and breakdown maintenance.
Takes all the pre-emptive measures
Skilled and experienced workforce.
24 X 7 services.
Provides integrated electro mechanical services.
SEPL understands the customers’ need and helps to provide customized solutions.
To achieve maximum operational efficiency by way of synchronizing the operations
To study the scope for energy conservation

‘Sanmish Energies’ is your one-point answer for all Natural gas, Biogas, LPG,  Solar Energy & other Green Energy Solutions.